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Yao Rudy Abblode (born in Monrovia on 5 February 2014) is a profesional football player from Liberia who plays for Arema Cronous, Football Club which play at Indonesia Super League as a Striker.


He start his football carrier on Black Star then he join at Maleya S.C.. He come back to Liberia by playing with Mighty Barrolle. On 2013 he begin his carrier at Indonesia by join with Persipur Purwodadi, a Football Club which only play in Liga Indonesia Premier Division (the second level of Indonesian League). The season after He move to Persiwa Wamena, he played impressively and he reach Top .Secorer of 2014 Liga Indonesia Premier Division, that's make Arema Cronous want him and also his team-mates Sengbah Kennedy[1]





  • Top Scorer 2014 Liga Indonesia Premier Division: 2014