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Bhanu Gunasekara 

Bhanu Gunasekara (Bhanu Deepana Gunasekara, born December 2 1997) is a Sri Lankan Video creator. Also know as Sevens kid.He works in music industries (such as Music festivals , songs and Concert touring like backstage pass) as well as commercial media ( such as fashion, digital media, merchandise, animation, and Film making is known for blurring the line between high and low arts.Bhanu Gunasekara is the Founder and President of Sevens Film Corporation .through which he works with Sri Lankan Biggest Musicians

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Bhanu Gunasekara

Full Name 

Hetti Thanthiri Pata Bedege Don Bhanu Deepana Gunasekara


December 2, 1997

Birth place

Galle, Srilanka




Director | Editor | Writer | Cinemotographer

Years active

2016 - present

Website Biography

Bhanu Gunasekara was born in[1]Galle,[2]Sri Lanka on December 2, 1997. He lives in[3]Colombo,[4]Sri Lanka

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Early life and Family

Bhanu Gunasekara was educated at[5]Isipathana College, Colombo. After school Bhanu Gunasekara joined[6]CIPM to study Human Resource Management. He then went to[7]Music oven Institute from where he graduated in December 2019 with a Sound and Music technology Degree.


In 2016 Bhanu Gunasekara started Sevens Film Corporation with his Friends who supported every single day (Rusiru Hewavitharana and Navodya Ranasinghe

In 2017 he started to create commercial videos. And he done music oven commercials for digital market .Then he met Lahiru Perera also known by his stage name La Signore. In 2018 Bhanu Gunasekara made a short fim about his tattoo.

Bhanu Gunasekara with Dinura Nimnaka

In 2019 he also created a short film about Yureni Noshika’s First tattoo , and this tattoo done by Samira Dunuwille at Red Right Hand Tattoo Studio

In the end of the year 2019 Bhanu Gunasekara started touring with Raini gunathilaka also know as Raini charuka .

In 2020 he had a chance to work with Zachary Moxley

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At the age of eight, Zeke Taylor became interested in the acting and entertainment industry. Not long after and soon he started his first YouTube Channel in 2013. He uploaded a lot on social media and had a very consistent schedule, Zeke Taylor made short skits and created random web series' with his friends.

In 2015, Taylor started focusing more on his acting career. His friends consider him to be a hilarious person with very dark humor.


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