Abhay Sarkaria born (3rd of Jan 2000) in J&K, India, where he planned to study academics at the local university but he left university with ambitions to become a fanatsy writer. Now he's also serving as a screenwriter in various short films, his writing has been published widely in anthologies and major magazines.

How are the authors in the anthology dealing with the pandemic when it comes to theircreativity? As it turns out, the pressures of a pandemic don’t always have the same effect on Writerly output. Here’s one of them.

Writing is never easy, not even under the most ideal circumstances. It’s even harder during avirus-driven lockdown, no matter what your individual situation. Even if you have lots of time to sit down and write, the worldwide tension is so heavy that it risks coming through thewalls of your house-turned-prison, crushing your urge to create in the process.  For a couple of months now we have been staring down the barrel of a dystopian summer.No camping trips, no swim in the community pool and no family holidays.Just lots of peace, quiet, and communion with Nature. And, plenty of domestic violence, melancholy and murder. Of course, some have to get out to work for survival while others have upped and left homefor elsewhere where they have hunkered down to record these strange times.

Abhay Sarkaria is one such writer who has written his debut book The Golden Orion (published byEvincepub) while the Coronavirus made us beat a forced retreat to our homes. Writing is anold, familiar haunt for Abhay, who has been scriptwriter of Surjeet Choudhary Productions,and has spent more than a decade working in literature, animation and documentaryformats. The Golden Orion is sold worldiwide successfully.

"I was raised in Jammu and worked in Delhi and Mumbai with production houses. Working on novels has helped me perceive the unusual,” says Abhay on how he came to tell the short stories in his book that were first written as fun and bedtime story for family and friends. “The idea to write first struck on 5 April, when i went into lockdown. The book has lived its own journey since. I never thought of it as a physical book", says Abhay adding that he wrote two more novels, in which one is dwelling on nearly every aspect of the lockdown. The ideas, written in the early months of lockdown, strangely seemed to have predicted the future, especially some of the terms that crowd our vocabulary now. “A lot of the ideas came from reading tomes. Fact and fiction merged,” he says, adding that when he wrote his story he wasn't sure, about risks of being get failed. Written in-between work from home, the book begins with chapter, The Orglud Box. The book is named, 'The Golden Orion' and the description is below.

"I’m proud to publish 'The Golden Orion,' both as an outstanding work of fiction but also as a vehicle to hopefully direct some money to the independent booksellers we love so much. Enjoy the stories. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and secure, and we hope to see you all at a real bookstore in the not-too distant future", he says. The book is available on major e-commerce portals and is catching the imagination of readers. An adventure filled with magic, black demons and evil spirits. Throughout his adventure, he meets magical moonlight sprites and mages. He explored places where flowers sing and trees dance, where moonlight and stars laugh, where shadows talk. Not only demons and spells, there are Witches, Kikoros, Gizans and Evlers. This book is a collection of fantasy lands from different worlds, some inspired by the lockdown - from hardships, inspirations, grief, and joy, to sympathy, empathy, challenges, and victory. What makes this book interesting is that this story is not completely based on lockdown but it's merely inspired by it and the theme of the book reflects beautifully the bonds between people. Friendship and Romance is the basic theme in which alot of fantasy is potrayed to catch the sight of readers.  (https://www.amazon.in/Golden-Orion-His-Mystical-ORB/dp/9390442907)

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