Tina Marie Bell (February 5, 1957 – October 10, 2012) was an African American musician from Seattle, Washington. She is known for being the lead singer of Bam Bam, a popular punk/grunge band from Seattle.[1] Bam Bam was very popular in the Seattle area. Because it was somewhat unknown nationally, it was dubbed "the band that should have been".[2] Matt Cameron, who went on to play for Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, was their drummer from 1983-1984.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born and raised in Seattle, Bell got her start in singing in the Mt Zion Choir directed by Kent Stevenson. Bell came from a large family, she had nine other brothers and sisters. Bell's mother Odessa nicknamed Bell "Murphy" for her take-charge attitude.

In 1979 Tina Bell had her son, Thomas McKay Martin Jr, or T.J. She soon married the child’s father Thomas McKay Martin, also known as Tommy. T.J became the first African-American to win the Academy Award for Best Documentary with his documentary Undefeated (2011). While, Tommy runs his own company, TommySound. TommySound is a full service audio production company based in Seattle.

Bam Bam[edit | edit source]

Tina Bell was the lead vocalist of Bam Bam. The name Bam Bam was constructed by combining the initials of Bell's last name and Tommy Martin's last name. Tommy was responsible for forming the band, he asked Bell to sing and added their first bass player Scott Ledgerwood and first drummer Matt Cameron soon after. Several musicians rotated through the band during its decade-long presence. Tina Bell's relationship to the band was strained because she was tried of being ignored major recording label Sub Pop and local press.

File:Seattle Rock Band Bam Bam 1990.jpg

Seattle Rock Band Bam Bam 1990

In 1984, Bell and her band Bam Bam recorded Seatte's first grunge album at Reciprocal Recording with Chris Hanzsek. Reciprocal Recording would gain fame for being the studio that Nirvana under the label Sub Pop, recorded their album Bleach. Bam Bam performed in concerts with popular bands such as Pearl Jam,[3] Soundgarden [4] and Alice in Chains[5]

Members[edit | edit source]

Tina Bell - lead vocals

Tommy Martin - guitar

Matt Cameron - drums

Mike Peterson - drums

Nick Rinehart - bass

Paul Hinklin - bass

Ted Szelag - drums

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