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Tim Simenon
Tim Simenon, Zurich '08
Background information
BornBrixton, London, England
GenresElectronica, trip hop, hip hop, downtempo, neo soul
Occupation(s)Producer, musician
Associated actsBomb the Bass, Depeche Mode, Leftfield, Curve

Tim Simenon (born 21 June 1967, Brixton, London) is an English musician, composer and record producer, known for his work as Bomb the Bass. Simenon has produced, remixed and collaborated with a range of artists including Dave Gahan and Martin Gore of Depeche Mode.[1]

File:Ghost Capsules - popfest 2013 04.jpg

Tim Simenon with Ghost Capsules (Vienna 2013)

He is of Malaysian descent.Template:Fix/category[citation needed]

Production credits[]

Template:Fix/category[citation needed] 2013
Bomb the Bass – In the Sun (album)
Bomb the Bass – Back to Light (album)
Toob – "Pirate Teeth" w/Bomb the Bass
Bomb the Bass – "Black River" w/Mark Lanegan
Bomb the Bass – "Butterfingers" w/ Fujiya & Miyagi
Bomb the Bass – "So Special"
Bomb the Bass – Future Chaos (album)
Fangs – "Fangs City Rockers"
Fangs – "Panik Attak"
Futon – "Strap It On"
Futon – "Love So Strong"
Futon – "End of Friend"
Primal Scream – "Sometimes I Feel So Lonely" (remix)
Dot Allison – "Quicksand"
Dot Allison – "Paper Rose"
Biggi – "Sofdu Med Ljosid A"
Biggi – "Reason to Grow"
Biggi – "Perfect Sunday"
"Robot Finger" (as Flow Creator)
"Ikara" (as Flow Creator)
Bomb the Bass – "Fast" w/Shawn Lee
Bomb the Bass – "Clear Cut" w/Lali Puna
Bomb the Bass – "Lost Your Soul"
Bomb the Bass – "Disco Bob" w/Justin Warfield
Depeche Mode – "Only When I Lose Myself"
Curve – "Sweetback"
Curve – "Something Familiar"
Curve – "Recovery"
Curve – "Killer Baby"
Curve – "Dirty High"
Curve – "Coming Up Roses"
Alpha – "Sometime Later" (remix)
Depeche Mode – Ultra (album)
Depeche Mode – "The Bottom Line"
Depeche Mode – "It's No Good"
Depeche Mode – "Insight"
Depeche Mode – "Home"
Depeche Mode – "Barrel of a Gun"
One Inch PunchSecrets of the One Inch Punch (album)
David Bowie – "Hearts Filthy Lesson" (remix)
Gavin FridayShag Tobacco (album)
Gavin Friday – "Caruso"
Gavin Friday – "Angel"
Gavin Friday & Bono – "In the Name of the Father"
Sinéad O'Connor – "You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart"
Sinéad O'Connor – "Fire on Babylon"
Sinéad O'Connor – "Famine"
Sinéad O'Connor – "Thank You For Hearing Me"
Massive Attack – "Sly" (remix)
Bomb the Bass – Clear (album)
Bomb the Bass – "Empire" w/B Zephaniah & Sinéad O'Connor
Bomb the Bass – "Dark Heart" w/Spikey Tee
Bomb the Bass – "Bug Powder Dust" w/Justin Warfield
Bomb the Bass – "Brain Dead" w/Justin Warfield
Björk – "Play Dead" (remix)
Cheb Khaled – "Didi" (remix)
Bomb the Bass – "Winter in July" w/Loretta Heywood
Bomb the Bass – Unknown Territory (album)
Seal – "Crazy"
Neneh Cherry – "Manchild"
Neneh Cherry – "Buffalo Stance"
Bomb the Bass – Into the Dragon (album)
Bomb the Bass – "Megablast"
Bomb the Bass – "Beat Dis"


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