Syed Sajid Abbas (Template:Lang-ur) is a Pakistani singer and reality program competitor. Famously known for his reality show LG Awaaz Bnaye Star and Pakistan Idol.[1] Sajad is a contemporary and semi-classical singer who hails from a musical background. He was one of the 13 finalists of the Pakistani reality singing competition Pakistan Idol[2] and was eliminated on 23 February 2014, finishing in 11th position. His music influences are Amanat Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Syed Sajid Abbas born as a Sajid Ali to a Shia Muslim Family in Karachi, Pakistan on January 20, 1993. He holds a degree in Marketing, and worked as a copywriter. Sajid is a trained classical singer by Ustad Urooj Khan, from the age of seven Sajid started singing in order to pursue the dream of his grandfather.

LG-Awaaz Bnaye Star[edit | edit source]

Sajid Abbas had also participated in Pakistani originated singing reality competition LG-Awaaz Bnaye Star which he finishes in Quarter finals while the series was won by Alycia Dias.[3]

Pakistan Idol[edit | edit source]

Sajid Ali auditioned for Pakistan Idol in Karachi Auditions. Judges were deeply impressed by the performance of Sajid and he received yes from all three judges. Sajid performances went consistently due to his versatility of singing from semi-finals to finals as a finalist. Syed Sajid Ali comes in bottom 3 with Sana and Zammad, having lower votes than that of both, Sajid eliminates, his elimination was an other big question for public voting, he finishes the series by securing 11th position.[4]

Reality Program[edit | edit source]

Year Reality Show Result
2010 LG Awaaz Bnaye Star Runner Up
2013-14 Pakistan Idol (season 1) Finalist-finishes at 11th position

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