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Stephen Daisley (born 1985) is a Scottish journalist, political commentator and erstwhile film critic.


Daisley grew up in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire and attended St Ambrose High School.[1] He later studied at the University of Glasgow,[2] and gained an MSc in Political Communication.[3] Daisley is a Catholic and Zionist who has a centre-right perspective,[3] while identifying as a "friend" of the Labour Party.[4]


While at university, Daisley penned film reviews for student publications including the Glasgow University Guardian newspaper;[2] he has a particular enthusiasm for martial arts and horror films.[1]

During his third year, Daisley gained his first journalism job as a junior reporter with the News of the World.[2] In 2006, he interviewed Conservative Party politician and fellow Glasgow University alumni Liam Fox, in the Glasgow University Guardian,[5] as well as th British film director and playwright Anthony Minghella,[6] His work for the paper saw Daisley placed as runner-up for "Columnist of the Year" at the 2007 Guardian Student Media Awards.[7] He subsequently wrote for publications such as Commentary, Standpoint and The Times of Israel.[3]

Daisley spent five years as Digital Politics and Comment Editor for STV – a tenure that Herald Scottish Political Editor Tom Gordon described as "frequently controversial".[4] His work received criticism from Scottish National Party (SNP) members of parliament Pete Wishart and John Nicolson: British author J. K. Rowling defended Daisley, claiming that Wishart had pursued a "vendetta" against him.[4] In January 2017, Daisley resigned from STV, who were accused of "gagging" him at the behest of the SNP.[4] He subsequently became a columnist for the Daily Mail.[8]


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