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Star Alex is a young American model based in New York City. She has a professional background in acting, singing, and dancing as well.[1]


Since the year of 2008, Star Alex has been involved in mainly print, and commercial modeling.[2] Within her first few years as a model, Star Alex's modeling work was most notably featured in ads found in New York Magazine, Girl's Life Magazine, Amazon, Sears, and Walmart.[3]

Star Alex became a consistent fashion model for multiple brands in New York; including Lester's, Fine Jewelers, and Switch-it gem.

Star attempts to impact society in a positive manner, by using her platform to spread important messages into society.[4] Star is also becoming a face for the petite modeling sector of the industry, as she speaks out about the struggles of petite models.[5]

She is now modeling most consistently for Oohlala Boutiques, Total Frat Move' s Rowdy Gentleman, and various other clothing brands.[6]

Star Alex is also a law student at a prestigious law school in New York City.


Star Alex attends a prestigious university, and plans on continuing her education after graduation. Star is set to pursue a future career in criminal law, and she is also going to release her science fiction novel in the near future.[7]


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