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Sofana R. Dahlan is a Saudi Arabian lawyer, legal scholar and activist whose work has taken her to Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Lebanon.


A graduate of Cairo University (Bachelor in Law; Master's degree in Islamic Law) and the American University of Technology (MBA) of Lebanon,[1] she is said to be the first female to have been approved by the Saudi Arabian government to study law. She has worked as a legal consultant for the Husam Wegfi Law Office, the law firm Meshari Al-Ghazali, and has served as an adviser in Arab Law for the Quraysh Institution in Kuwait. She is on the board of directors for the RSDFHD Foundation for Human Development.[2]

When Dahlan was interested in studying law, she learned that Saudi Arabian universities were unwilling to admit women for legal studies. It was necessary for her to go to Egypt to become an attorney.[3]


Dahlan is the CEO and founder of Tashkeil, a social enterprise which aids aspiring entrepreneurs with their businesses, marketing and branding and legal issues.[2] Arab News describes Tashkeil as "the first Middle Eastern platform to help creatives succeed by equipping, facilitating and fostering them to reach their full potential".[4] In 2011 she was involved in the Harvard Executive program “Leading for the Future: The Arab Region in a Changing World”.[2]


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