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Salim Kirgizbaevich Abduvaliev - one of the most influential businessmen in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Born in May 1950 in the village of Tashlak, Fergana Region. His father was the collective farm chairman. After retiring from the sport of freestyle wrestling he worked in a factory, then he became a trucker. In 1990-2000-ies he was a partner of Michael Cherniy on aluminum business, sponsored the participation of Anatoly Bykov in the elections in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In 2006 he defended his thesis of Candidate of Economic Sciences on the theme "Management of social and economic development of municipal unions: generalization of the experience of Russia and the Republic of Uzbekistan." One of the influential informal ("authoritative") people of Uzbekistan, along with his brothers Rakhimov. Salimbayev Abduvaliev - one of the richest people in Uzbekistan. For more than ten years of funding the development of children and youth wrestling sections.[1]

Sport charity[]

President of the Wrestling Association of Uzbekistan. Sponsored by the World Wrestling Championships, the international tournament "Grand Prix" cups of Independence of Uzbekistan in freestyle wrestling and others Competitions. Salim Abduvaliev Owns a famous football club in Uzbekistan, "Pakhtakor" and the central stadium "Pakhtakor". All they patronized clubs and groups are provided with equipment, purchased with money authoritative patron. His money held the largest youth and children's tournaments. In four boarding schools for children deprived of parental organized section of wrestling with his money. For several years Tennis Uzbekistan President Cup was sponsored by Salim Abduvaliev.[2]


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