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Paul Godfrey
File:Paul Godfrey Studio Shot 2016.jpeg
Paul Godfrey in his Hastings studio 2016
Background information
BornKent, England, UK
  • Musician
  • Songwriter
  • Disc Jockey
  • Engineer
  • Producer
Associated actsMorcheeba

Paul Godfrey (born January 19, 1972) is an English Record producer and Songwriter from Folkestone, Kent.

Early life[]

Paul was one of the founding members of the underground Hip Hop group First Down.[1] He started out as DJ Klear/Hip Hop recording seminal rare britcore 12", 'Jaw Warfare', on 4 track cassette in his bedroom with world-famous Graffiti artist Aroe. First Down were responsible for throwing the infamous "Assembly Line" jams in Folkestone in the late 1980s. Paul was also heavily instrumental in building up the Funk revival scene in Kent, Djing with college friend Danny McLewin from Psychemagik.[2]


Paul's professional studio career began as a teenager recording folk bands from the Canterbury Scene such as Caravan and members of Soft Machine.[3] At the age of 21, along with his brother Ross he formed the Trip Hop outfit, Morcheeba. Godfrey led the group to global success selling over 6 million records worldwide.[4] Their gold and platinum albums included 'Big Calm' and 'Fragments of Freedom',[5] which spawned classic songs such as 'The Sea', and 'Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day’.

In 1997 Paul was involved in producing David Byrne’s 'Feelings' LP.[6] Paul has also worked with rappers Biz Markie,[7] Big Daddy Kane,[8] Slick Rick[9] plus singers Kurt Wagner (musician),[10] Jim White,[11] Thomas Dydahl,[12] Judie Tzuke,[12] Will Young[13] & George Michael[14]

In 1999 Paul appeared on an episode of the British television show Never Mind The Buzzcocks alongside Frank Skinner, Rick Wakeman & Leeroy Thornhill from The Prodigy. Paul has also appeared on Anthony Bourdain's television show, "No Reservations".[15] Paul and Anthony collaborated on a track called "She Has a Way With Sauce", a song about a female line cook.[16] Other appearances include being invited to speak about record production at The Oxford Union in 2008 with his brother Ross.

2014 saw Paul release a free selection of acoustic drum samples recorded in his French courtyard titled Morcheeba beat treats. This sample pack was massively well received and went viral, popping up on producer forums across the web such as "Gearslutz",[17] "Bedroomproducersblog"[18] & "Audiolovers".[19] Paul is also an ambassador and tester for pro-audio hardware and software companies.[20]

Paul's solo career has seen him DJ across the world under his Paul Cheeba alias including a performance at Bestival 2015 on the Kaleidosope stage.[21] Under this alias Paul has also collaborated with sound library legend, Janko Nilovic,[22] on a collection of tracks called 'Janko Nilovic, Paul Cheeba & Friends.[23] Paul has also been involved with the curation and video presentation of the 1990s Trip Hop compilation "Clubbed To Death".[24]

Paul currently resides in St Leonards-on-Sea in Hastings, East Sussex. Writing and producing from an old Methodist church that has been converted into a recording studio, named Sacrosync Sound.[25] He has given a studio tour to online music software and hardware company, Arturia, reviewing their latest drum machine the DrumBrute.[26] Paul's latest project, 'The Measure' features singer / songwriter Rachel Cuming from cult Junior Boys Own[27] act "Abraham"[28] Their track 'The Dream' was posted on Soundcloud on 04/10/16.[29]


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