Template:More footnotes Template:Prose Paavo O. Airola, Ph.D., N.D., (1918–1983) was a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, educator and award-winning author.

Dr. Paavo Airola authored fourteen books, two of which became international best-sellers: How to Get Well and Are You Confused?

Dr. Airola served as president of the International Academy of Biological Medicine; a member of the International Naturopathic Association; and a member of the International Society for Research on Civilization Diseases and Environment, the forum for worldwide research founded by Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. Airola promoted natural healing through a diet of nutritious, whole foods and holistic medicine. The Airola Diet & Cookbook contains recipes and Dr. Airola's Weight Loss Program, along with a presentation of the scientific basis for the Airola Diet.

During his lifetime, mainstream medicine regarded Dr. Airola as a controversial figure, presenting therapeutic approaches which challenged traditional medicine. Many of his views have become more widely accepted in recent decades, such as the efficacy of antioxidants against free-radical action. Detractors include J. Darlene Forester and Sheree L.T. Thompson, who published an article in 1987 disputing some of Airola's findings, while conceding others.[1]

Paavo Airola began his career as an artist. After World War II, he emigrated to Canada, where he lived near Cobourg, Ontario and was first instructor of the Cobourg Art Club. He then moved to the United States, settling in Arizona. His artwork is displayed at the Gallery of Northumberland.

Dr. Paavo Airola died at age 64 of a stroke.

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