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Native nameমুজাহিদ আব্দুল্লাহ
Birth nameMuzahid Abdullah
OriginOsmani Nagar, Sylhet
GenresEDM, World, Urban contemporary
Years active2016–present
  • Qinetic Music
Associated acts
  • Nish

Muzahid Abdullah (Template:Lang-bn), better known by his stage name Muza, is a Bangladeshi American singer, songwriter and producer from Queens. He is best known for the hit single, Bondhurey, released in March 2018.[1] The music video collected over 10 million views on YouTube.[2] He is an urban Asian artist and can sing in Bengali, Hindi, English, Spanish and Arabic. His debut single was That Girl, an English-Hindi R&B song written and produced by himself. His vision is to pioneer a new EDM scene to Bengali music.[3]

Early life[]

Muza was born in Bangladesh to Bengali Muslim parents. He is of Sylheti origin and was raised in a traditional Islamic household. He moved to Long Island City in Queens, New York City in 2002.[4] Muza began songwriting and taking poetry classes in fifth grade which he continued for 8 years. At eleven years old, he also started to sing.[5] At the age of fifteen, he decided to also learn music producing due to unreliable producers in his past. His first performance was in high school in which he participated in Grammy Award's Schools programme. After being selected as the winner, he was able to get in touch with producers such as K-Quick.[2]


In 2017, Muza released his debut single titled That Girl. It was an R&B song sung in Hindi and English. The song gained recognition from an urban Bangladeshi record label known as Qinetic Music. Signed to Qinetic, he released his first Bengali single, in March 2018, titled Bondhurey. The song was an instant success gaining a million views in two days.[6] The music video also featured Siam Ahmed and Ridy Sheikh. His next Bengali single with Qinetic Music was Pola Bangladesh Er, an international collaboration with British Bangladeshi singer Nish and was released in December 2018. He also worked on two music videos (Shopno To Dekhechi and Tui Kothay) alongside Youtuber Tawhid Afridi to promote his upcoming album 3rd Eye, which was released on 3 April 2019.



3rd Eye (2019)[]

3rd Eye is Muza's debut album, which was released on the 3rd of April 2019 at 3pm (EST).[2] It was mostly produced by Muza and some by Crostec, Twin Lights and Weiyu Shen. The debut single of the album is "Shopno To Dekhechi" and released on 14 February 2019. The music video reached 400,000 views on YouTube in 4 hours, becoming a new record in Bangladesh.[7] Muza released a second single taken from the album, "Tui Kothay" on 6 March 2019. The album includes songs which are in Bengali, Spanish, Sylheti, Punjabi, Moroccan Arabic and English. On the 27th of March 2019, Muza released a third track, "Intro". 4 days after the release of the album, Muza was invited to the BBC Asian Network where he gave a breakdown of the whole album.[8]

Track listing
1."Intro" (Bengali, English) (featuring Khan Helal)MuzaMuza1:47
2."Shopno To Dekhechi (Saw In My Dreams)" (Bengali, English)MuzaMuza2:52
3."Tui Kothay (Where Are You?)" (Bengali, English)MuzaMuza4:10
4."Iray Bhondu (Come On, Friend)" (Sylheti, English)MuzaMuza3:03
5."Nesha (Addiction)" (Bengali, English) (featuring Madhu Valli)MuzaCrostec3:05
6."Fame" (Bengali, English)MuzaTwin Lights3:07
7."On Your Own" (Bengali, English) (featuring Nish)Muza, NishMuza, Weiyu Shen3:21
8."Moved On" (Bengali, Punjabi, English) (featuring Pavvan)Muza, PavvanMuza3:27
9."La Magia [Jaadoo] (Magic)" (Bengali, Spanish)Muza, Gabe AnomalyMuza, INViDA3:13
10."Teri Naam (Your Name)" (Hindi, English)MuzaR CHA3:17
11."Habibi (My Love)" (Moroccan Arabic, English)MuzaMuza, Weiyu Shen4:09
12."New York Bengalis" (Bengali, English)MuzaMuza1:31
Total length:37:02


Year Single Language(s) Producer(s) Note(s) Reference(s)
2017 "That Girl" English, Hindi Muza [9]
"Young and Hip" English Muza, Weiyu Shen [10]
"Money > Love" [11]
"Broke People In Love" [12]
2018 "Bondhurey" English, Bengali Adib [13]
"Roots" English David Schoenwetter, Muza [14]
"Pola Bangladesh Er" (featuring Nish) Bengali, English Muza, Twin Lights, INViDA [15]
2019 "Obohela" (Nish featuring Muza) Nish From the album, Identity [16]
"Shopno To Dekhechi" Muza From the album, 3rd Eye [17]
"Way Out" (INViDA featuring Muza & Shana Pearson) English INViDA [18]
"Tui Kothay" Bengali, English Muza From the album, 3rd Eye [17]
"Iray Bhondu" Sylheti, English


Year Cover/Remix Language Producer(s) Writer(s)
2017 "Made for Lovin' You" English Muza Kiss
2018 "Changes" Bengali, English Muza, XXXTentacion
"Oporadhi" Muza, Arman Alif
"Bhalobashbo Bashbo Re" Muza, Habib Wahid


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