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Mark Barrott (born 1968 in Sheffield) is an English DJ and record producer. Recording under the name Future Loop Foundation, he has released ambient- and drum and bass-inspired music since the mid-1990s.

Barrott learned to play piano in his youth and took an interest in synthesizers early in his musical career, assembling his own house studio.[1] In 1995, he signed with the label Planet Dog and issued a full-length album with that label the following year. Also in 1996, VH1 hired him to compose accompaniment to their Worldwide Fashion Awards.[1] Future Loop Foundation's 2000 release Phunkroc incorporated jazz and funk textures into the drum and bass rhythms Barrott typically worked with early in his career.[2]

In 2007, Barrott created a multimedia project called Memories from a Fading Room, incorporating elements of interviews he did with his own family members, home movie footage, and new music (an LP and an accompanying remix EP).[3] The film which grew from this project was directed by Annie Wilson.[4] The music for this project was mostly instrumental, though with some vocoder-enhanced voices low in the mix, and utilized ambient textures, invoking sentiments of nostalgia.[5]

In 2009, Barrott started a dance music record label, International Feel, releasing his own music as well as that of other musicians in the nu disco and Balearic styles.[6] He relocated to Ibiza in 2012 and now runs the label from the island.[6]



As Future Loop Foundation
  • Karma/Remote Viewing
  • Discovery/Shake the Ghost (1996)
  • Time and Bass (1996)
  • Sonic Drift/Voodoo Sound (1997)
  • Conditions for Living (1998)
  • Daddy Radical (1998)
  • Jumper (1999)
  • PHunkRoc (1999)
  • The Middle of Nowhere (2000)
  • Après Ski/Après Everything (2002)
  • What's Your Name? (2002)
  • This is How I Feel (2003)
  • Scratch & Sniff (2004)
  • One Offs & Remixes (2007)
  • Memories from a Fading Room (2007)
  • The Sea & Sky EP (2009)
As Mark Barrott
  • Sketches from an Island (2014)


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