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Archive – Kraftwerk The Man Machine album cover There are so many reasons why you should have an obscure taste, most notably the sheer lack of fashionableness you have personally. You may also have other issues to tackle which make the prospect of a new taste preferable. By having an alienating taste, you will gain a form of coolness. So the real question is not "Why? Have an alienating music taste" but rather "why not have an alienating music taste?"

Reading this means you are probably a bit of a "late starter", and if so you'll have points to prove - a lot of them. To help you prove something to the doubters that surround you, why not cultivate this fantastic taste? You will suddenly have some sense of being cool, and a reason to feel superior to those with more mainstream taste - in short, it will propel you beyond being the pathetic little man you are today. Of course there are certain other tangible benefits, such as developing a cool music collection, and expanding your experiences a little outside of Esquire and wanking.

Key reasons to develop this particular taste are: A.) You listen to a lot of music anyway; B.) Why not be regarded as being cool in some way for it?; C.) It's a better pastime than dating on Second Life. Of course, you're not really cool, and you never will be, but at least you'll amass quite a cool collection of music in the process of discovering obscurity and general mediocrity. (more...)

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