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Mahmoud Abdel Moghny is an Egyptian film and television actor. Currently residing in Egypt, he has gained recognition for his work on television and screen.


Moghny’s burst on the Egyptian film scene with his role as Fathy in the critically acclaimed Mallaki Iskandariya. A starring role in Dam El Ghazal followed, playing the real-life story of terrorist Reda “Reesha.” This film was directed by Mohamed Yassine, and co-starred Egyptian actor, Amr Waked. In 2007 he joined the cast of the Egyptian television series "Lahazat Harega" "Critical Moments," playing the role of Doctor Khaled, a rebellious but kind-hearted person which endeared him to audiences throughout the Arab world and beyond. That same year he returned to the big screen to star in Amir Ramsis’ mystery thriller, Kashf Hesab and Egyptian Director Sherif Arafa’s Gezira. In 2010 he rejoined the cast of Lahazat Harega for season two.


  • Aboud ala el Hedoud” (1999)
  • Khalthy Faransa (2004)
  • Youm el Karama (2004)
  • Mallaki Iskandariya (2005)
  • Dam El Ghazal (2005)
  • Kashf Hesab (2007)
  • El Gezeira (2007)
  • Maqlb Arameya (2010)


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