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Jennifer A. Goodman a.k.a Jennifer Karum is an American director[1][2]. She is best known for her work on Conrad (TV Series)[3], The Nest, The Natural (TV Series) and more.


Year Film Writer Director Producer Notes
2017 Conrad Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y TV Series[4][5]
2018 The Nest Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Short Film[6]

As Actress

  • Knight's End (TV Series)
  • Scar Lake
  • The Pages
  • The Nest
  • Conrad (TV Series)[7]
  • The Natural (TV Series)
  • Samson
  • Final Curtain Part 19: The Night Chicago Die
  • Empire (TV Series)
  • Chicago Fire (TV series)
  • The Exchange (TV Series)
  • The Break-Up
  • Batman Begins


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