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Jamila Abitar

Jamila Abitar (Arabic: جميلة أبطار‎; Marrakesh, May 9, 1969) is a Moroccan poet who lives in France.[1]

She studied law, and has worked for university administrations, UNESCO and libraries in Cachan (Val-de-Marne). After being discovered by the poet Léopold Congo-Mbemba, she published her first collection of poetry in 2000. Her poems have been translated into several languages, including Romanian and Icelandic.[2]


  • L'Aube sous les dunes, 2000
  • L'Oracle des fellahs, 2001
  • Le Bleu infini, 2009[3]
  • À Marrakech, derrière la Koutoubia ,2012


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