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Template:Infobox basketball biography Jamil Abiad is a Global basketball trainer & Canadian basketball coach and founder of Team Believe basketball Organization.[1][2]

Early life and education[]

Jamil Abiad was born on July 4, 1990, in the Windsor, Canada. He comes from a family of 6 where he has 3 younger brothers. Growing up in Windsor where he primarily played soccer he was always into many sports. At the age of 9 he moved to his current location in Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of 12, he started to play basketball and it soon became his passion[3].

Player career[]

Abiad attended Colonel by High school and was a 4-time high school city all-star. During his time there he won Multiple Tournament MVPs and OFSAA AAAA City Champs. After his school career, he went on and completed his graduation from Bishops University where he was a 2-time RSEQ Finalists. Abiad was a 1-time RSEQ Silver Medalist 2013, 1-time RSEQ Champion 2015, and went on to the USPORTS Nationals 2015 ranked 6th going in. Throughout his career, Jamil was always noted for his prolific shooting, speed, confidence, and leadership. During his time at Bishop's, he received the Garth Smith Award 2014-2015 and was also nominated as the Athlete of the week.[4][5]

Basketball Journey in Gabon[]

Jamil Abiad was nominated by Stévy Worah,he deemed it useful to also bring him[6] . He is a former Canadian international, brand ambassador for Under Armor Canada and NBA Junior coach in his country. Its presence is also linked to the contribution of the famous brand belonging to Kevin Plank in the clothing of young Gabonese basketball players who participated in this camp. A partnership that could create solid foundations for local Basketball.To supervise young people and local trainers and at the same time support Madzinski coach, Christa Pryor, a coach specializing in the mental performance of basketball players. A quality sought after by the biggest teams in world basketball. All of these people have made a considerable contribution to improving the technical level of the Gabonese player and trainer. In addition, with regard to the discipline itself, they will have learned a lot and acquired even more enriching knowledge for their different careers. During these three days, workshops were organized for both local coaches and players. Sessions which helped to distinguish the best ones like Pacha Olélé from NBA and Olivia Trey Ntsame Abessolo from Tama BB were acclaimed MPV of this basketball camp. The president of the Gabonese Basketball Federation Léopold Evah and the head of the Estuary League Dorland Bonango made it possible to mobilize human and technical resources, as did the National Office for the Development of Sport and Culture (ONDSC[7]) which accompanied Don Bosco's project.[8]

Coaching career[]

Abiad is currently a global basketball coach & trainer. He is also an Under Armour Canada Ambassador and Ball in the 6 Ambassador. He has trained and helped players reach (Usports, NCAA, CCAA, and professionally).[9] During this time Abiad has founded Team Believe basketball Organization and has been traveling to different countries in the world like Lebanon, Chad, Gabon, Senegal, all over Canada & the United States where he trains players, does motivational talks and runs basketball camps. Jamil has worked alongside many NBA players, NBA scouts[10], coaches & other global trainers to date.[11][12]

Professional basketball career[]

Abiad might have the quickest release in the tournament. If his shoulders are square and his feet are set, it's going in. Part of the reason he gets his shots off so quick is because he doesn't give a second thought about firing from deep, irrespective of where the defender is or where behind the 3-point line he is for that matter. Abiad’s most important quick are before he gets the basketball. The sharp-shooting guard uses his track and field background to his benefit as he is constantly running off screens all over the court to catch and shoot Bishop's into contests. The most likely person to run off a stagger screen and hit an NBA-depth dagger 3 to get everyone in the building’s attention is Abiad. Be sure however to watch all the running he does off the ball, that's just as worthy of appreciation and just as tiring to guard[13],he also played in Lebanese Premier League and CBL ( Canadian Basketball League ) Wellington basketball Club[14][15]


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