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Jamiah Farooqia, Karachi
TypeIslamic university
FounderMaulana Saleemullah Khan
AffiliationDarul Uloom Deoband
Students2300 [1]
LocationKarachi[2], Pakistan
CampusUrban (9 Acres)

Jamiah Farooqia, Karachi is one of the notable Islamic institutions of Pakistan. The Jamiah was established in 1967. At present, there are 2300 students enrolled in the different educational sections. Jamiah Farooqia provides its students, tuition, books, food, lodging, medical care, and other facilities without charging a single unit of currency for them. All expenses are met through donations and charitable gifts from Muslim Ummah.[3] Template:Deobandi

Education levels[]

The Jamiah has divided its education system into the following levels:

  • Ibtadaaiyah or Primary Stage
  • Mutawassitah or Secondary Stage
  • Certificate of Thaanawiyyah 'Aammah (Equivalent to Matric): Two years
  • Certificate of Thaanawiyyah Khaassah (Equivalent to Intermediate): Two years
  • Degree of Aaliyah (Equivalent to B.A): Two years
  • Degree of Aalimiyyah (Equivalent to M.A.): Two years
  • Degree in Specializations (Equivalent to PhD.): Two years

Departments and divisions[]

The Jamiah has the following departments:

  • Department of Hifz and Tajweed-e-Qur'an
  • Department of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)
  • Department of Qur'an
  • Department of Hadeeth
  • Department of Fatwa
  • Department of Composition and Compiling

The Jamiah has the following divisions:

  • Farooqia Medical Centre
  • Idarah Al-Farooq Karachi (Periodicals & Journals)
  • General Missionary Services (Preaching & Propagation)

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