Hassanal Abdullah
Hassanal Abdullah at home (2017)
Hassanal Abdullah at home (2017)
Born (1967-04-14) 14 April 1967 (age 54)
Occupationpoet, translator, editor, publisher
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W. Wolak, H. Abdullah, Stanley H. Barkan & J.Pijarowski during HOMER - The European Medal of Poetry and Art meeting in New York City (2017)

Hassanal Abdullah (Bengali language: হাসানআল আব্দুল্লাহ, born 14 April 1967) is a Bangladeshi-American poet, novelist, critic, translator and the editor of Shabdaguchha,[1] a Bilingual (Bengali-English) poetry magazine. He is a High School teacher of mathematics in New York City. From 2016 he is a member of the board of HOMER - The European Medal of Poetry and Art appointed in Brussels.

Hassanal Abdullah introduced a new form of sonnets (Swatantra Sonnets), in which he used a seven-seven stanza pattern and abcdabc efgdefg rhyming scheme.[2] This sonnet form has also been adapted by Carolyn Gill, a London Poet.[3] He wrote more than 210 such sonnets in Bengali and translated some of them into English.[4] His work has been translated into English, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Korean languages.[5] He has also performed at LIU POST — the Long Island University Creative Writing Center, as a feature poet,[6] and contributed to the World Poetry Year Book 2014 and 2015 Published from China.[7]

Hassanal Abdullah received Lebu Bhai Foundation Award (2013) for his sonnet and in 2007 he was an honorable mention for the Queens Borough, New York, Poet Laureate.[8]

Publications[9][edit | edit source]

In English[edit | edit source]

  • Breath of Bengal (Cross-cultural Communications, 2000) ISBN 9780893042684
  • Poets of Bangladesh (Translated: Cross-Cultural Communications, 2008) ISBN 978-0893040130
  • Selected Poems of Humayun Azad (Translated: Bivas Publisher, 2014) ISBN 9847034301687
  • Under the Thin Layers of Lights (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2015) ISBN 978-0893047894
  • Hollowness on the Horizon, by Naznin Seamon (Translated: Feral Press, 2016)
  • Swatantra Sonnets: Bengali with English Translation by the Author (Feral Press, 2017) ISBN 978-0893045920
  • The Back Side (English Poetry: Feral Press, 2019) ISBN 978-1733028509
  • Contemporary Bangladeshi Poetry (Selected and Translated: Feral Press & Cross-Cultural Communications, 2019) ISBN 978-0893046842

In Bengali[edit | edit source]

Poetry[edit | edit source]

  • Acobinsho Shatabdir Agay (Before the 21St Century, Lata-Pata Publication, 1993)
  • Golaper Nam Tumi (Rose as You are, Dhaka Prokason, 1994)
  • Shakunara Bhalo Achha (Vultures are Well, Agamee, 1996) ISBN 9848004211
  • Sonnetguchha O Onnaya Kobita (Sonnets and Other Poems), Preeti Prokason, Dhaka, 1996)
  • Andherer Saman Bayas (Old as Darkness, Bud Publications, 2002) ISBN 9844822533
  • Bori Gachha Chori Nacha (A Sparaw Dances on a Broi Branch, Lebu Bhai Foundation, 2008)
  • Ek Posla Somoy (A Glimse of Time, Shahittya Bikash, 2009) ISBN 9848320687
  • Kobitay Bangabondhu (Poetry On Bangabandhu, Shabdaguchha Press, 2nd ed, 2010)
  • Chhara Mohashoya (Rhyme Kingdom, Ananya, 2011) ISBN 9847010503845
  • Cafer Kobita (Caffe’s Poetry, Shahittya Bikash, 2012) ISBN 9789848320532
  • Shit Shukano Rod (Cold Drying Sun, Ananya, 2013) ISBN 9789849028154
  • Swatantra Sonnet (Swatantra Sonnets, 3rd ed, Dhurapada, 2014)ISBN 9789848919736
  • Nirbachito Kobita (Selected Poems, 2nd ed, Anayna, 2014) ISBN 9847010502770
  • Nirbachito Ekshow Kobita (100 Selected Poems, Anaya Prokash, 2016) ISBN 9789845023214
  • Britter Kengryo Kobiter Mukh (Faces at the Center, Anupranon, 2016) ISBN 9789849189282
  • Nakkhotra O Manusher Prochhed (Star and Human Cantata, 2nd ed, Anayna, 2017) ISBN 9789844322790
  • Chharachhori (Scattered Verse, Sound Bangla, 2017) ISBN 9879849256007

Essays[edit | edit source]

  • Kobiter Chhando (Rhythms of Poetry, Bangla Academy, 1997) ISBN 9840735047
  • Shaheed Quaderi: Somoyer Sampanna Swar : The Perfect Voice of Time, Labu Bhai Foundation, 2005) ISBN 9843226615
  • Humayun Azad: Raktakto Kobir Mukh : A poet's Face in Blood, Shahittya Bikash, 2007) ISBN 984832092X
  • Kobiter Janmodag (The Birthmark of Poetry, Mowla Brothers, 2008) ISBN 9847015600327
  • Nari O Kobitar KachhaKachhi, (Near Women and Poetry, Anayna, 2012) ISBN 9847010505115
  • Aytijja O Bakti Prothiva (Individual Talents, Shabdagsoili, 2016) ISBN 9789849142741

Novels[edit | edit source]

  • Ahoto Mukul (Wounded Buds, Agamee, 1995) ISBN 9844012287
  • Dahor (Abyss, Hatakhori, 2014) ISBN 9847020001546

Short Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Saytaner Panch Pa (Satan’s Five Legs, Anayna, 2015) ISBN 9879849119209

Translated from English to Bengali[edit | edit source]

  • Biswha Kobitar Koyed Chhatra (A Synopsis of World Poetry, Shahittya Bikash, 2008) ISBN 9848320083

Travelogues[edit | edit source]

  • Boimelay Etdin (Eight Days in the Book Fair, Anayna, 2009) ISBN 9847010501605

Plays[edit | edit source]

Anthologies[edit | edit source]

  • Dui Banglar Premer Kobita (Love Poems of Two Bengals, Editor: Shamsur Rahman (poet), Shahitom, 2003)
  • Long Island Sound: An Anthology of Poetry (Editor: Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, The North Sea Poetry Scene Press, 2009)
  • Bish Shataker Banglakobita (Bengali Poetry of the Twentieth Century, Editor: Rahman Henry, Bhashachitra, 2009)
  • Writing Outside the Line (Editor: Peter V. Dugan, Lulu.com, 2013)
  • Nobboi Doshoker Nirbachito Kobita (Selected Poems of the Nineties, Editor: Robiul Manik, Bivas, 2014)
  • World Poetry: Year Book 2014 (Editor: Zhang Zhi, The Earth Culture Press, 2015)
  • Birds: A Flight of Poems (Editor: Joan Digby, Feral Press, 2016)
  • World Poetry: Year Book 2015 (Editor: Zhang Zhi, The Earth Culture Press, 2016)
  • Bridging the Water: An International Bilingual Poetry Anthology (Editor: Yoon-Ho Cho & Stanley H. Barkan)

Journals[edit | edit source]

Paterson Literary Review, Lips, Asbestos, Korean Expatriate Literature, Urhalpool, Brownstone Poets, Bangalee United States; The Seventh Quarry UK, Immagine & Poesia Italy; Chandrabhaga, The Peripheral Review, Desh, Gignasha India; Poetry Journal Vietnam; Krytyka Literacka Poland; Anubhuti, Shaluk, Ekobinsho, Charcha, Koitapatra Bangladesh

Prizes[edit | edit source]

  • 2003 Diploma Prize, World Congress of Poets for poetry Research and Recitation
  • 2007 Honorable Mention, Queens Borough Poet Laureate13
  • 2013 Lebu Bhai Foundation Award
  • 2016 Homer European Medal of Poetry and Art
  • 2019 Translation Grant, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

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