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Camille M. Abate is a Democratic Party politician, criminal defense and civil rights attorney, and author from New Jersey. She lives with her husband and three teenage boys in Glen Rock, New Jersey.[1]

2006 Democratic Primary[]

Camille Abate entered the contest for the Democratic nomination in New Jersey's 5th congressional district election, 2006 for United States Congress, just three months before the primary election in June. Her opponent, Paul Aronsohn, had the Democratic Party line in Bergen and Passaic Counties, and the support of the party leadership throughout the state. Abate ran an effective but unsuccessful campaign, hampered by lack of name recognition and financial resources. She ended up with 33.7% of the primary vote.

2008 Election[]

Camille Abate has already filed with the FEC for the 2008 Congressional race.

Camille Abate Justice for ALL Institute[]

In November 2006, Abate launched the Camille Abate Justice for All Institute (CAJA),[2] in order to create a resource that would enable ordinary citizens to channel their frustrations into action, tap the tools and spirit of the founding fathers, and reclaim political influence for the common good. Through CAJA, Abate has held meet-ups in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Ramsey, New Jersey and Blairstown, New Jersey, on issues such as individual freedoms, the environment, health care, voting rights, voting machine integrity and taxes.[3][4]


Abate published a book in April 2007 called Know Your Rights: Every American's Guide to Dealing with Law Enforcement, Clarity Publishing, which is a basic guide to how to exercise the rights given to citizens in the Constitution.



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  • Know Your Rights: Every American's Guide to Dealing with Law Enforcement, Camille M. Abate, Clarity Press, Incorporated, 2007, ISBN 1-932772-29-4

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