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Barbara Abbott (1943) is an American linguist. She earned her PhD in Linguistics in 1976 at the University of California at Berkeley. From 1976 through 2006 she was a Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages at Michigan State University, with a joint appointment in Philosophy[1]. She is now a Professor Emerita.

Her prolific research in areas of semantics and pragmatics examines topics in reference and noun phrase interpretation, looking at philosophically influenced aspects of word meaning, presupposition, and conditional sentences[2]. She has been pivotal in uniting formal semantics, which adapts analytical techniques from logic to natural languages, and analytical pragmatics in order to order clarify the workings of definite and indefinite noun phrases in English. Her work surveying the uses of definiteness in different languages shows how it has mainly seen in terms of familiarity or in terms of uniqueness[3]. Her book Reference, focusing on noun phrases as referring expressions, shows that the issue of how speakers use language forms to refer to entities has been at the heart of debate among linguists and philosophers for centuries[4].

In 1993 she received an Outstanding Faculty & Staff Award at MSU for "contributions to equal opportunities for achievement and providing an environment that encourages excellence"[5]. Abbot has served on the editorial board of academic journals including The Journal of Pragmatics[6], Natural Language and Linguisitic Theory[7], and Intercultural Pragmatics[8].

Upon retirement from MSU, Abbot and her husband, philosopher Larry Hauser, have been volunteering in ShareCare, a non-profit organization that provides Michigan residents with affordable assisted living services[9].



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