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Ashish Yadav (born 6 January 2001) is an Indian Digital Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship [1] He is the CEO and founder of trybhi india. He is known for supplying electronic equipment to indian film [2] industry in just age of seventeen.[3][4]

Yadav has won the 2019 film festival supplier of year award in age of seventeen [5]

Early life[]

Aashish was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, on 01 January 2016 year to launch his trybhi company.[6] yadav belongs from small town in Rajasthan


At the age of 14, Ashish began to sell Game hosting servers and started a company that later provided web hosting. At 16, Yadav was listed to Top 50 gadget supplier In 2016, Aashish started his trybhi company, Film Management. In 2017, he started E commerce website. In 2020, he is launching Web technology company, a Paas, to manage website services.[7]


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