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Template:Copypaste Andrea Lambert is a queer writer and artist with Schizoaffective disorder.[1]


Born in Los Angeles and educated at Reed College[2] and California Institute of the Arts,[3][4] Lambert was active in the riot grrrl[5] movement of Portland, Oregon.[6]

Lambert performed at Los Angeles Pride, REDCAT,[7] Los Angeles LGBT Center, Human Resources Los Angeles,[8] Los Angeles road concerts,[9][10] Feminaissance Conference: Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions,[11][12] Rhapsodomancy: A Reading Series in Los Angeles,[13] homo-centric: the LGBTQ reading series,[14] featherless: a reading series[15][16] and elsewhere. She curated featherless: a reading series with her domestic partner Katie Jacobson[17] from 2010-2012.[18]

Jacobson proposed to Lambert in the three month period after California Proposition 8 (2008) was overturned[19][20] before a stay was put on gay marriages until 2013. Jacobson committed suicide in 2012.[21] The Katie Jacobson Writer in Residence Program at California Institute of the Arts was begun in her name.[22] Andrea Lambert's thwarted marriage to Katie Jacobson being a casualty of the same-sex marriage struggle is the subject of Lambert's Los Angeles Pride performance.


Jet Set Desolate (Future Fiction London, 2009) is a novel influenced by Linda Yablonsky, Nan Goldin, and Jean Genet.[23] Future Fiction London was an imprint of now defunct Creation Books edited by Hillary Raphael. The mentorship of Matias Viegener and Stephen Barber were vital to this work.

Lorazepam and the Valley of Skin: Extrapolations on Los Angeles/730910-2155 (valeveil, 2009) is a poetic duo published in Sweden in translation with the work of Grant Watkins.[24]

Lambert’s work is anthologized in: Golden State 2017: The Best New Writing from California,[25] Haunting Muses,[26][27] Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices,[28][29] Off the Rocks, Volume #16: An Anthology of GLBT Writing,[30] The L.A. Telephone Book Vol. 1, 2011-2012[31] and elsewhere.

Lambert's poetry appears in: apt,[32] Angel’s Flight Literary West,[33][34] The OPEN Daily: Los Angeles,[35] Five:2:One Magazine,[36] ENCLAVE,[37] Queer Mental Health,[38] valeveil[39] and elsewhere. Her prose appears in Entropy, Grimoire,[40] Skirt the Issue,[41] Luna Luna Magazine,[42][43] Mother Should?,[44] Two Hawks Quarterly,[45] New Mexico Review, The Account: A Journal of Prose, Poetry and Thought, Fanzine,[46] Queer Mental Health,[47] HTMLGIANT,[48] 3:AM Magazine, PLAZM[49] and elsewhere.

The chapbook G(U)ILT was published by Lost Angelene in 2011.[50] Six issues[5] of the zine Bedtime Stories for Trivial Teens[51] were produced in the 1990s.[52]


Lambert works in figurative mixed media oils critically referenced in Anodyne Magazine as "kitchy maximalism."[53] She exhibited in San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, California Institute of the Arts and most recently Human Resources Los Angeles.[8]

Lambert's paintings appears in Five: 2: One Magazine,[54] HTMLGiant,[55] Hinchas de Poesia,[56][57] Angel's Flight Literary West,[33][34] Entropy[6] and Queer Mental Health.[58][59]


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