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Ali Hasan Cemendtaur (b: March 11, 1963, Karachi, Pakistan) is a Pakistani American writer and filmmaker based in California. He writes both in English and Urdu languages.


Ali Hasan Cemendtaur was born on March 11, 1963 in Karachi, Pakistan. He completed his primary and secondary education there and went on to get an education in engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology.

He then went on to complete his Masters from Iowa State University, and then went on to do some doctoral work at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Although his passion for writing took root early on in his life, and he began writing at an early age, he didn't begin publishing until after his return from a wanderjahr in 1993. He regularly wrote for the Daily Jang, Dawn (newspaper), Pakistan & Gulf Economist and the Wildlife & Environment.

His Urdu short stories are published in the weekly Pakistan Times, USA.

He regularly writes for the Pakistan Link (newspaper) and occasionally for the News (Pakistan), and for the Siliconeer (Silicon Valley).

His audio segment “Aik Khayal” airs occasionally from ABN-Chicago Radio.

His writings can also be found online at and other web portals.


Books: "Rasta jo manzil hai" (The Journey that is the destination), Urdu novel. 1997 "Khayaalbari" (A Shower of Thought), Urdu essays. 1998 "Khushk-o-tar Mulk-wa-Loag" (Barren and Fertile; People and Places), Urdu travelogue. 1998 "Thoughts and Travels", English travelogue. 1998 "Aag Hawa Mattee Paanee" (Fire, Air, Earth, Water), Urdu travelogue. 2001 “Rio 47 Din Late” (Rio, 47 Days Late), Urdu travelogue. 2001

His English novel ‘Elmustee—A Growing Island of Hope’ is still awaiting publication.

Audio CDs "Mulaqaat" "Atom Bomb", "Bangalee kee Dokan" "Khushbuon kay Rastay” (with Bhashwati Sengupta).

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