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Jo Tae-kyoung (Template:Korean), born December 2, 1994),[1] known professionally as About (Hangul: 어바웃; stylised in all caps), is a South Korean singer, songwriter and producer. He debuted as an independent artist in September 2019 with the single "Wither"[2] and released his first EP "Miserable" in March 2020.[3][4]


In 2016, About produced and performed the official soundtracks "It Has To Be You"[5][6] and "Snowflakes"[5] for the Korean TV dramas Sky Castle and My Fellow Citizens!, respectively. The Sky Castle soundtrack album ranked #29 on the Gaon music chart.[7]

From September 2019 to January 2020, About released a series of singles as an independent artist including "Wither",[5] "Dive",[8] "Aching",[5] and the KozyPop compilation track "Phobia".[5] In March 2020, he released his debut EP album "Miserable",[5][4] followed by the singles "Unhappy",[5] "Shall We?",[5] and "We Our Us".[5] In June 2020, About was the featured musical host for Senggi Studio's "Show Must Go On" Vol. 17, an online streaming concert series.[9] On August 15, 2020, About announced plans to crowdfund his first full-length album, a 14-track work to be titled "Fortunate Islands". The album is scheduled for release in November 2020.[10]

About lists Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, James Blake and Coldplay as his some of his most important musical influences.[9]

Touring musicians[]

About performs with the following musicians:

  • Guitar - Echez (이현성, Lee Hyun-sung)
  • Guitar - 김명환 (Kim Myeong-hwan)
  • Bass - 김규빈 (Kim Kyu-bin)
  • Drums - 송덕현 (Song Deok-hyun)
  • Keyboards - 장현준 (Jang Hyun-jun)



Title Released Album
"It Has to Be You" December 2018 Sky Castle, Pt. 3 (Original Television Soundtrack)
"Snowflakes" May 2019 My Fellow Citizens!, Pt. 8 (Original Television Soundtrack)
"Wither" September 2019 Wither single album
"Dive" November 2019 Dive single album
"Aching" January 2020 Aching single album
"Unhappy" April 2020 Unhappy single album
"Shall We?" May 2020 Shall We? single album
"We Our Us" June 2020 We Our Us single album
"Winter Story" with JINBO the Superfreak, George January 2018 KRNB2, Part 4
"마포 한강" with CIKA July 2019 Chopper Flame: The Youth
"Phobia" with KozyPop November 2019 Seoul Vibes, Pt. 12

Extended plays[]

Title Album details
Miserable Released: March 2020

Label: Independent Formats: digital download


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