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Abir Ibrahim (Arabic: عبير ابرهيم‎) is a Sudanese-American social activist, public health practitioner and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Inua Naturals For-profit Organization. Ibrahim received a BSc from Mary Washington University and an MPH from New England University. She was recently appointed as UNICEF USA Community Engagement Fellow.[1]

Early life[]

Ibrahim was born between 1990 and 1991 in Khartoum, Sudan.



Ibrahim speaking at a UNICEF high-level panel at the George Washington University in Washington, DC

Ibrahim served as the United States Peace Corps Health Advisor to Tanzania in 2014,[2] where she worked closely with national and local government to design interventions aimed at health sector reform to create an inclusive space for women focusing on social and economic empowerment. In effort to end extreme poverty and gender inequality in rural East Africa, Ibrahim founded Inua Naturals. Inua uses agribusiness and innovation to create new markets and economies for marginalized women who otherwise do not have access to the global marketplace, while providing community-driven solutions to improve women’s access to healthcare and education.


Ibrahim and Business Mogul Sani Dangote at the United Nations General Assembly 73 Commonwealth Africa Forum in New York City

Beyond her duties at Inua Naturals, Ibrahim serves as UNICEF USA's Community Engagement Fellow, where she inspires, engages and mobilizes young people on movements and causes for children’s rights globally.

Prior to UNICEF, Ibrahim led a variety of major grassroots projects across Africa that include renovation efforts for Children’s Psychiatric Center in Sudan; building the first secondary school library, science laboratory and water irrigation system in rural Tanzania that serves 2000+ students; launching an Annual HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign in collaboration with Tanzanian Ministry of Health and PEPFAR, rehabilitating an impoverished school for 540 underserved girls in rural Sudan as well as refugee and OVC work in Kenya.

Ibrahim briefed the UN Human Rights Council on the importance of girl’s education and the 3.9 million Sudanese children without access to primary education in 2018. Later, she briefed heads of government at the UNGA 73 Commonwealth Africa Forum on gender inclusion and good governance; it was the first time a representative from Sudan was invited to speak on this issue before the Commonwealth.

Ibrahim was recognized as GivingTuesday: Women Who Give in 2018 and was honored with a Literary Award from her Alma Mater, University of Mary Washington. She has an academic grounding in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Public Health. A Sudanese born global citizen with a commitment to create sustainable solutions for gender-based inequalities through the combined efforts of grassroots interventions and global advocacy. Her work has been featured in the African Business Magazine, 21Ninety,[3] Voice of America, Blavity,[4] AllAfrica,[5] The Guardian and other media outlets.


Inua Naturals, Inc.[]

In October 2015, Ibrahim collaborated with USAID and Peace Corps to launch Inua Naturals[6] in effort to end extreme poverty and gender inequality in rural East Africa. Inua uses agribusiness and innovation to empower underserved communities by facilitating handcraft talent from emerging markets with the global consumer; formulating high quality organic cosmetics using locally and sustainably sourced ingredients in Africa. Ibrahim has worked along side various key African influencers including Mohammed Dweji, Jokate Mwegelo and Bakhresa Group. In August 2018, Ibrahim was honored with a Leadership Award by the African Leadership Summit.

Awards and Recognition[]

Ibrahim was honored with the:

  • GivingTuesday: Women Who Give, 2018[7]
  • Member, South Sudan Food Relief Advisory Board, 2017[8]
  • American Chamber of Commerce Recognized Entrepreneur, 2016[9]
  • TEDxAlUbayid Talk: It's Not What You Think[10]
  • African Leadership Summit 2018[11]


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