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Abhirup Guhathakurta is a singer in the field of Rabindra Sangeet.

Early life[]

Born in the late nineteen forties, Abhirup Guhathakurta is a Rabindra Sangeet singer and exponent. He is the youngest son of Nirmal Chandra and Kamala Guhathakurta, from Barisal district of East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Guhathakurta's early life exposed him to people active in Rabindra Sangeet including Kanika Banerjee, Nilima Sen, and Sailajaranjan Majumdar, who used to visit his home and participate in musical sessions and rehearsals. He came in close contact with artists such as Debabrata Biswas, Subinoy Roy, Ritu Guha,[1] Gita Ghatak and Maya Sen. Abhirup graduated from Dakshinee in 1971,[2] a Rabindra Sangeet school in Kolkata. Amal Nag notably created a significant impression on him through his style of rendition and teaching.  

Guhathakurta attended Ballygunge Government High School,[3] and received his degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Jadavpur University.

Career and performances[]

Guhathakurta received training for ten years under the tutelage of Subinoy Roy,[2].

Guhathakurta has performed regularly for broadcasting from All India Radio and Doordarshan, Kolkata since 1976.[2] He participated in all the major Tagore Festivals in India[2] including ones organized every year by the Government of West Bengal at Rabindra Sadan during Tagore's anniversary celebrations, Bangla Sangeet Mela.[4] He was invited by Sangeet Natak Academy, Government of India to perform in the National Celebrations of Tagore's 125th anniversary in 1986 in Guwahati.

His visited England under the patronage and invitation of Nupur[5] School of Rabindra Sangeet, a cultural organization based in London, in 1992. The school traditionally invited renowned personalities of Rabindra Sangeet[5].

Under the aegis of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and at the invitation of Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation he performed at Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Tagore Birth Anniversary programmes in 1995.

He was invited by the Tagore Society of Houston to perform at the North American Bengali Conference in 1996. He also performed in New York, Boston, and London in the same year.

Abhirup performed in Melbourne in 2001 through invitation received from the Bengali Association of Victoria[6] that traditionally invited eminent singers of Bengali songs . He was also invited by the Bengali Association New South Wells[7] to perform in Sydney in the same trip to Australia.

He was invited to perform at the "Antarjatik Bhasha Dibash" festival in Dhaka in 2001.

Guhathakurta performed at Dhaka, Shilaidaha and Shahazadpur, Bangladesh in 2012 as a part of the Indian delegation of three artistes invited by the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC) and High Commission of India at Dhaka for the 150th-anniversary celebration of Rabindranath Tagore[8].

Guhathakurta often performed in memorial events of eminent personalities such as Shakti Chattopadhyay,[9] Sunil Gangopadhyay[10], Subinoy Roy[11] and, Kanika Bandyopadhyay[12] he is often invited from Bengali diaspora living away from West Bengal[13][14]. He also performed in a programme organized for the birth anniversary of Kanika Banerjee by Mitali, an Indo-Bangladesh Cultural Society. The programme was organised in association with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Metro Railway and Mohar Kunja Parichalan Samity[15].

Guhathakurta has released albums with various music publishing companies[16][17][18].

Abhirup was one of the singers for playback singing[19] in Noukadubi (2011) directed by Rituparno Ghosh. He also took part in playback singing[20] in Shankhachil (2016) directed by Goutam Ghosh. Both the movies are popular and mentioned in IMDB.

Guhathakurta is also involved in teaching of Rabindra Sangeet[21][22][23] and performed as judge in music competitions such as that of an Indo-Bangladesh collaboration organized Talent Search event[24] in Kolkata.

A partial list of Albums

Album Year Type Publisher Link
Nirob Rajoni 2018 with Pramita Mullick Bhavna Records Link
Taser Desh 2018 With Debarati Some Bhavna Records Link
Eka Robi Thakur 2017 Multi OTT solutions Link
Din jai re 2017 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Amaye bolo na: Sankhachil (2016) movie 2016 A single solo song Asha Audio Link
Achho hridoy majhe 2015 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Ailo Santo Sandha 2011 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Kother Sure, Vol. 1 2011 Multi Bhavna Records Link
Tomar ashime: Nokadubi (2011) movie 2011 With Paroma Banerjee Subhash Ghai Productions Link
Uttaran 2010 With Swayambhu Mukhopadhyay Bhavna Records Link
Natho Hey 2010 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Harai Khone Khon 2010 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Gaan Theke Kabita 2010 Multi Bhavna Records Link
Pothe Chole Jete Jete 2007 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Pather Sanchoy 2007 Multi Cozmik Harmony Link
Nabo Nabo Sure 2006 Solo Bhavna Records Link
Aagnijuge Amritodhara 2006 Multi Bhavna Records Link
Chayanika-tagore-vol-2-3 2000 Multi Saregama India Ltd Link
Jiban Jure 1993 Solo Saregama India Ltd Link
Rupantaree 1992 Multi Saregama India Ltd Link
Phool bale dhanya ami 1981 With Rita Ghosh RP Sajiv Goenka Group Link


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