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Abdul Mohsin bin Walid bin Abdulaziz al-Saud (born 18 July 1986) is a Saudi Arabian prince.[1]

Alleged involvement in Lebanon's biggest ever drugs bust[]

In 2015, al-Saud shot to notability by getting himself arrested at Beirut Airport. Customs had scanned his private jet, found and seized 2 tonnes of an amphetamine type drug called Captagon onboard. The pills were contained in 25 boxes emblazoned with the Saudi emblem of crossed swords and a palm tree, then packed in six suitcases.[1]

On Monday 2nd November Claude Karam, public prosecutor for the Mount Lebanon area said the prince along with four other people in custody and five in absentia were charged with drug smuggling.[2]

Robert Fisk highlighted the irony of the harsh death sentences in Saudi Arabia for drug smuggling and light-heatedly commented that everyone reading should "rely on Lebanese justice. Innocent until proved guilty. All just one big mistake, surely. Wrongly labelled boxes. Or perhaps a fiendish conspiracy by Saudi’s Hezbollah enemies in Beirut to embarrass the most respected royal family in the Middle East."[1]

No statement has been made by the Saudi authorities. No update on the case has been published since November 2015.