3kliksphilip (born October 16, 1989, Plymouth, England) is a map creator for the video game series Counter-Strike, as well as a YouTuber with over 579,000 subscribers on his main account, 266,000 subscribers on his second account aptly named 2kliksphilip, and 88,000 subscribers on his third account, kliksphilip.

Career[edit | edit source]

Philip began his career making mapping tutorial videos on YouTube, which, despite receiving decent success, were met with heavy criticism from the mapping community. He eventually reemerged, making videos around the Counter-Strike video game series, mainly Counter Strike: Global Offensive. These were met with much more success, with his three channels gaining around 920,000 subscribers combined. His videos have often appeared on many gaming news sites, including Kotaku and PC Gamer.[2][3][4]

3kliksphilip has had decent success in the gaming community, with his most popular map, "de_sparity", receiving over 100,000 downloads on the Steam Workshop.[5] He was responsible for the porting of the map "de_dustpcg" from Counter Strike: Source to Global Offensive, with his port being praised by the original creator.[6][7]

References[edit | edit source]

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