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Template:Unreliable sources 007 (also known as James Bond, shotgun,[1] standoff[2] and other names) is a hand game similar to Rock–paper–scissors. It is played with at least 2 people. The objective of the game is to be the last player alive.[3]

Playing the game[]

Before players perform their turn they commonly slap their lap twice and (in some variants) chanting double-o-seven.[4]


The game generally consists of 3 moves. They are gun, shield and reload (sometimes called Power up). In the game, shield protects the player from gun. Reload reloads the gun so you can use it for a turn. To kill a player, you must shoot a loaded gun at a player and they must be either reloading or using the gun. If you both shoot the gun at each other you both die in most variants of the game. Other versions of the game, most notably versions that allow play for 3 or more players include 5 moves, the 2 others being Reflect and Missile. Reflect can, as the name suggests, reflect a gun shot from the one and only one player it is directed at. Shield in this version can protect against all players in the game, negating reflect's otherwise superiority over it. Missile is an offensive move which can be used by having ten reloads banked. Missile can break through the opposing player's shield or reflect. Missile does not kill all other players.[2][3]



To perform the shield, move you put your arms in an "x" shape in front of your chest.[2][3][4]


File:Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun.jpg

Gesture thumb up and forefinger out like gun

To perform the gun move, you but your hand in a gun gesture. This is achieved by putting your two hand together, interlocking all your fingers but you thumb and pointer finger, then you raise your thumbs up and extending your pointer fingers forwards.[2][3]


To reload you make a thumbs up gesture with both your hands and move your hand up and behind you 90 degrees. Your thumbs should be pointing behind you and your hands should be above your shoulders. In some variants you only need to use one hand.[2][3]


The names James Bond and 007 are from James Bond.


It is common for players to reload for their first turn as shield is useless as no one has a loaded gun to shoot you with and you can't use gun because your gun isn't loaded.[4][2]


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